Simeon Stafford


Born in Dukinfield (a small northern town bordering the Pennines) in 1956, Simeon Stafford met L.S Lowry at the age of fourteen who encouraged him to paint and became a family friend. Stafford later relocated to Cornwall in 1996 and the work of Lowry remained a constant source of inspiration for him.


Simeon's work is not 'heavy,' we see no overcast days, political content or deep soul searching angst. He says 'we have enough of that in the world of news today'. Stafford's world of pictorial imagery is a world of humour and fun, an essence of spontaneity that is joyfully translated to the viewer. 


Simeon Stafford is an observer of life, his paintings are crammed full of incidents and accidents, bustling scenes of human interaction, a happy dialogue of work and play. If his paintings are studied you will discover figures reoccurring, skipping Ruby with pig-tails, Eric and his tractor, Dot, the little girl cart-wheeling across the canvas (his aunt as a child), sometimes a man with red stripy trousers marching through a crowd, leading a small boy by the hand (the artist with his son). These figures are brought to life and become characters to look out for. Locations become a fusion of the artist's actual environment, subtly mixed with snippets of landmarks from his past, creating his distinctive style.


Simeon Stafford's subjects include docks and their workers, holiday seaside scenes and streets crammed with children playing. There is a nostalgic echo to these paintings that each and every one of us can identify with, an essence that captures the excitement and expectation, of any old day seen through a child's eyes. These paintings nourish the child within us all.