Eddie Knevett


Based in St Leonards-on-Sea, Eddie Knevett revisited ceramics 10 years ago after a career in Luxury Fashion buying, working for all of the major luxury brands worldwide. Moving to St Leonards allowed Knevett to switch his focus to working predominantly on ceramics, which have since been featured in Elle Decoration The Art Special, August 2021.


Knevett cites the element of chance within ceramics to be one of his main draws to the medium, having to accept that you cannot control everything due to the many variables at play. Using torn paper to create jagged edge shapes with accidental proportions, he applies coloured, matt finish clays onto black earthenware or terracotta. The interaction between the shapes on the surface visually distort the proportion and overall shape of the pots, inspired by dazzle ship camouflage from World War I warships, the Jerry Anderson imagery of Thunderbirds, Tracy Island interiors and the tracking lights of the Mysterons, coupled with a love of early art from all cultures.