Dan Kelly


Dan Kelly grew up in Camberwell, London, and studied at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and the Royal College of Art.


Kelly's pots are made predominantly on the wheel using stoneware and some porcelain, he has worked with a monochrome palette for many years now, which he feels allows him to have clarify of form.


"I started, like many makers, at school. I was fortunate, because at that time we had specialist pottery teachers and they saw some potential in what I was doing and were enthusiastic in their encouragement and very supportive. They helped with all the technical aspects and opened my eyes to the pleasure there is in working with clay."


"This has stayed with me throughout my career, so it is with great thanks that I would like to acknowledge Mrs Pat Roberts and Mr Blake Mackinnon my two pottery teachers, for starting me off on the path which led to my career in ceramics."


Dan Kelly continues to live and work in Camberwell.