Daisy Cook


British artist Daisy Cook works in oil paint and collage to create abstract works of art. With a clear nod to traditional landscape painting, Daisy’s style breathes new life into a long-standing and at times rigid genre. Focusing on the interactions of the elements, where the sky meets the land and the land meets the sea, Daisy’s abstract imaginings capture the essence of a place, rather than providing a realistic representation of the place itself. Daisy’s paintings explore the beauty of nature in a refreshingly unusual way. Concerned with the energy and harmeous meetings of shape, colour and form, Daisy creates work that embodies the singular spirit of a place.


Although Daisy uses photography as a reference in her work, they remain just that, and do not act as a major component to her practice. Daisy exposes the contrasts and capabilities of the materials she uses. Layering or thinning out the paint, adding drips, and directing each piece with angular and decisive shapes all function to impart a mystical and transient tone to her work.


Throughout her career, Daisy’s work has been shown in exhibitions across Europe and the US. With 12 solo shows under her belt and a range of her work held in private collections throughout Europe, Daisy is an established British landscape artist. Daisy’s recent work marks a slight departure from the prominence of landscape. Following a more Abstract Expressionist approach, Daisy’s sharp use of shape makes for a bold and striking collection of work. Still adhering to a washed, neutral palette, the energy and beauty of nature still shines through.