Stella Maris


I aim for a sense of simplicity, a sense of space and a sense of spirit in my work.

I use a camera to record colour, pattern and those signs of life that stop you in your tracks, whether in a wood or on city streets. Sometimes the camera is catching something soaring in the sky; sometimes it is the magic in the pattern of a manhole cover. 

Being immersed in the landscape of Cornwall for a decade has had an influence on my art. Equally, years spent working in education and architecture in London have made their mark, forming my love of exuberant colour and minimalism. Now the energy and diversity of Brighton is seeping in.

The visual world, the tempo of our times and a sense of the eternal are all in the mix when I start a new work. I create colours that resonate together and I use methods that allow me to arrange and rearrange the components. There is always a 'that's it!' moment when I stand back and the elements seem to cohere. Sometimes there is balance and order; sometimes there is energy in the way disparate forms relate to each other. Each piece evolves in the making and I rarely know in advance how it will look.

Since 1999 my works have been exhibited throughout the UK, in Ireland and in the USA.