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Paul Preston

Paul Preston

  • Jewellery

Paul Preston was born in Leeds. He practiced architecture for just two years before realising that it just wasn't for him. He is a self taught jeweller whose combination of fine workmanship and imaginative ideas make him one of the most distinctive of Contemporary British Jewellers today. He has an international reputation with work in both public and private collections and has shown in Britain, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and the U.S.A. His proudest achievement is having a piece in the permanent collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

'I have been immersed in the craft since a tentative beginning in 1958, with a brief foray into diploma Architecture R.I.B.A., teaching myself along the way. Abandoned the poor architects to their fate, going full time jewellery. Supported myself by diving for crawfish and later scrap from wrecks 'round Land's End. Since I could live off the sea, there was no pressure to make 'commercial' work. I did what I pleased.

I admired and collected the Studio Pottery of Bernard Leach whose kilns were nearby in St. Ives. A Studio Artist cares more for work than for money. I wished to emulate the great man and make collectable work. It is not so easy to keep it up, but I have.' (Paul Preston)