Stoneman Gallery - specialist in Terry Frost and Breon O'Casey printsStoneman Gallery - specialist in Terry Frost and Breon O'Casey prints

Georgia Stoneman Fine Art

Georgia Stoneman Fine Art is one of Britain's leading contemporary art dealerships.

From our base in London we offer art consultancy and the chance to view works in your own home. Please contact Georgia through the contact page to arrange a visit.

We specialise in Cornish artists, and exclusively handle the print estates of the late greats Sir Terry Frost and Breon O'Casey. We also have an extensive collection of William Crozier prints and originals alongside the full archive of Hugh Stoneman, Master Printer, whose collaborators include artists such as Eve Arnold, Sandra Blow, Eileen Cooper, Fay Godwin Patrick Heron, John Hoyland and Grayson Perry.

Sir Terry Frost and Breon O'Casey Prints

The Stoneman family, and now Georgia Stoneman Fine Art, has worked with both Frost and O'Casey for over three decades and now hold their entire respective print estates, including rare Frost silkscreens such as Vertical Rhythms and the peaceful bird carborundum etching Windchat from O'Casey. All works come directly from the artist estate studios.

Other Represented Artists

Georgia Stoneman Fine Art also represents a number of internationally known artists, sculptors, ceramicists and jewellers. Artists include Rachel Nicholson, William Crozier, Anthony Frost, Henrietta Dubrey, Jessica Cooper, Marie-Claire Hamon, Stella Maris, Tom Rickman & Karen Wade. Sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Breon O’Casey. Ceramicists and jewellers Robin Welch, Paul Preston, Duibhne Gough and Guy Royle.

Breon O'Casey - Yellow Flower

Ben Nicholson - Still Life

Luke Frost - Deep Orange and Cadmium Orange Volts

Paul Preston - Tanzanite

Terry Frost - Ochre, Red, Blue

Breon O'Casey - Plump Bird

Breon O'Casey - Figure Two

Breon O'Casey - Flying Birds

Sandra Blow - Interaction

Persi Darukhanawala - Zero Revolutions per Minute (Framed)