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Anthony Frost

Anthony Frost

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Anthony Frost was born in 1951 in Cornwall and studied at the Cardiff College of Art (1970-73). From 1975 to date he has exhibited widely throughout the UK, with regular shows in St Ives and London.

Anthony Frost's paintings are bright, full of colour and expression. They include repeated motifs (lines, triangles and dots) and a mix of materials (acrylic, hessian, sail cloth, string and other materials that come to hand). This hints at a complexity in the work, which at first sight appears quite straightforward. Although there is an element of planning in each work, there is also a random element which manifests itself in the creative process, adding a piece of material or a tie that can change the painting's direction in unplanned ways.

His work is in a number of corporate, public and private collections including Bank of America, Lloyds TSB, The Nuffield Trust, John Moores, Contemporary Art Society, Whitworth Gallery (Manchester) and Standard Life. In April 2009, Chichester University purchased 'Ricochet Man' for the Bishop Otter Collection.

In July 2009 Anthony Frost was awarded 'Master of the University' in honour of services to the arts by the Open University, via Plymouth University (College of Art & Design).

Selected Exhibitions:
Beaux Arts, Cork Street, London
Tate, St Ives
The Armoury, New York
JPL Fine Arts, London
Compass Gallery, Glasgow
John Moores, Liverpool
Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames
The Stoneman Gallery, Penzance
Advanced Graphics, London
Flowers Central, London
Gallery Borchardt, Hamburg