Breon O'Casey and Hugh Stoneman: Process, Production, Prints

1 - 31 August 2022

A word from Georgia Stoneman

Breon and Hugh’s working relationship spanned over fifteen years. With Hugh working alongside as the printmaker, while his wife Linda Stoneman handled the publishing, an incredible body of linocuts, etching and carborundum were produced. Aside from work, and forged through strong black coffee (and as I fondly remember, some rather delicious chocolate biscuits), a solid and lasting friendship was established. Both Breon and Hugh had an integral understanding of colour, tone and form which underpinned the ease of their working relationship. The collection of prints in this exhibition cover all aspects of their bonded career, from the bold and expressive etching Three Black Squares, the warm toned linocut I Saw from the Beach as well as the infamous and beloved birds. We are delighted to show this comprehensive insight into the collaboration.

Despite Hugh and Breon no longer being with us, both live on through the timeless, beautiful work created and the deep and special friendship with Duibhne, Breon’s daughter.

If you are interested in any of the works listed in this exhibition, please contact us for a price list.