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Inside the Studio of Breon O'Casey

Inside the Studio of Breon O'Casey


Inside the Studio of Breon O'Casey

Friday 2 September - Friday 16 December 2016

Walking into Breon's studio was always so special. Surrounded by paints, brushes, collage pieces, colour tests, beautiful gold frames on freshly framed work, stacks of masking tape and bubble wrap, and a beaming smile from the man himself. Breon's work is a pleasure to see on any wall, but in this exhibition we wanted to show you more than that. Working with Breon's daughter Duibhne, we have transported some of the studio to Orchard Flower Farm. His paints, brushes and inky bits of scrim from his studio now sit on show in Hugh Stoneman's print studio, atop the bench on which they worked together.

Along with the materials, we have a collection of sketch books containing jewellery and sculpture designs, as well as ideas for collages and paintings. It really is one of most intimate of shows and well worth a visit for anyone to get a better understanding of the way that he worked. There is an amazing selection of his works to see including a wall of Reclining Nudes; some small, delicate sculpture, and a wonderful wall of works on paper inspired by Kit Kemp, a great supporter of Breon.


Farewell - Price on Application

Figure with Stars

Figure with Stars - £1,500

Flying Birds

Flying Birds - Price on Application

Grey Duck.

Grey Duck. - Price on Application


Johanna - Price on Application


Moon - Price on Application

Plump Bird

Plump Bird - Price on Application

Seated Nude

Seated Nude - Price on Application


Threesome - Price on Application


Torso - Price on Application

White Dots

White Dots - Price on Application